Dinner at Blacklock in London, England

24 Great Windmill St,
Soho, London W1D 7LG

After shooting some sunset pictures over the historical Parliament building, I wanted to eat at a nice, nearby restaurant.  Doing a quick Google search, I found the chop house Blacklock hidden away on Great Windmill Street.

At first I couldn’t find it, I walked down the street, hit the cross road Brewer Street and turned around only to unknowingly pass it again.  After asking for directions from teh nearby security guard, I eventually found it hidden away underneath the structure above.

Into the restaurant we go! The small, hidden door off of Great Windmill St.

View of the kitchen from downstairs inside of the restaurant.

View of the tables from downstairs inside of the restaurant.


Dinner, a little green and a lot of meat. All washed down with a local beer.

Pork belly anyone, yes please!


Neal’s Ratings:

  • Atmosphere = A
  • Service =  C+
  • Food = A