Japantown Brewing Company

Since the Fall of 2017, I was enrolled at Auburn University in their Brewing Science & Operations Graduate Certificate program.  Finishing the Summer of 2018, one of the two final projects was a business plan for my future brewery.  In addition to a business plan, an associated marketing video was also required.  This post documents the wonderful marketing video that we put together.  A big thanks to my friends Rick Bacigalupi from Bacipix Productions and Austin Knop, the graphic designer who put the labels together.  I couldn’t have done it without you two!

Japantown Brewing Company Marketing Video

Working on the voice over for the video.

Rick hard at work getting setup for the beer videos.

Dry-running the spin table with the good o’l staple Sierra Nevada Pale.

Rick working his magic with the Sake Bomb JTown Brew cans.

Rick focusing on the Machu Picchu Pale cans.

The finished JTown Brew products.

Products labels designed by Austin Knop for Japantown Brewing Company.